Newsletter #22


Atlantic Anniversary Race Crew Update #22

Letzte Meilen !

Ostfrieseninseln in Lee , Weser- und Elbgeruch sehr nahe.
Heimische Gewässer fühlen sich gut an, aber irgendwie auch schade, dass unser Race zu Ende geht.

Ihr wart eine fantastische Fankurve – Euer Mitfiebern war toll und hat uns immer wieder angespornt !

Ein ganz riesiger Dank von an Bord – und all unseren Followern – geht hiermit an unsere Shore Crew Jana und Louis !!!
Ihr habt Euch großartigst um Erstellung, Aktualisierung von Webseite, Facebook, Newsletter und all die anderen terrestrischen Aufgaben gekümmert !

DANKE – und ein dreifaches Hip Hip Hurra auf Euch !!!!

Hier sind sie, unsere „stars behind the Scene“

// English:

With the East Frisia Islands in lee, you can almost smell the two rivers Weser and Elbe.
Being back home in well-known waters sure is nice, but at the same time it’s heartbreaking to see our adventure come to an end.

To everyone following us: you were an amazing fan-block, your responses and participation always kept us going.

A great big THANK YOU from all of us on board as well as all of our fans goes out to our shore crew – Jana and Louis!!
You did a more than great job with all the website, newsletter and facebook concepts, implementation and updates, and so much more.

THANK YOU and three hip hip hoorays to you!

Here they are, our ’stars behind the scene‘ (see pictures).

All the best from aboard,

the Hamburg Linesmen Crew

Hier geht’s zum Race Tracker


First of all, a big thank you to all the supporters of our race team, we got a lot of positive responses to the newsletters and it made it a really fun adventure not only for our protagonists out at sea but also for us at home here taking care of the communication part.

As it is looking right now the Hamburg Linesmen has picked up some speed and the crew is heading straight for Cuxhaven with an ETA of 5:38am tomorrow morning. The plan is to not spend too much time there but doing only a quick pit-stop in Cuxhaven after crossing the finish line to pick up some welcome drinks and then head up the river towards Hamburg. The ETA for Hamburg lies somewhere in-between 1pm and 6pm, we will update you tomorrow morning as soon as we have some more information on that.

For everyone currently in Hamburg: We would love to see you welcome our heroes back home! Simply head down to the Race Village at Sandtorhafen in the Hamburg Hafencity, we will tie up there at some point during the day. Not only the Hamburg Linesmen will dock there on Saturday but also about 30 boats coming in from the sister-race, the Baltic Anniversary Regatta, so there will be plenty of action and lots of nice boats to see while you wait for our arrival.

We hope to see lots of you there!

All the best from Hamburg,

Louis & Jana

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